Flying Christmas Tree

Suspension Device for Christmas Trees

The Suspension Device for Christmas trees is fixed at the upper part of the Christmas tree's trunk - your tree will be held safely. At the end of the four "arms" of the device wire ropes go up to the suspension eye which hangs from the ceiling hook.

The product is available in plastic or metal. Using the plastic version you can also rotate the tree around its own axe which makes it easier to decorate it.


The Christmas tree will hang freely in the room - not touching the floor.



The tree will hang straight & can't fall

The tree is protected from vibration & won't lose needles

The floor can easily be cleaned or vacuumedSafe in households with pets & children

A classical topstar can be used



Flying Christmas Tree - Plastic

The suspension device in plastic is available in "fir green", "red brown" and "white".

Suitable for Christmas trees up to 2,5 meter, 20kg tensile load.

Material: Plastic

Diameter: 43cm

Weight: 0,3kg

Suspension Device Plastic

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Flying Christmas Tree - Metal

The Suspension Device in metal is available in "wine red".

Suitable for trees uo to 3 meter, 30kg tensile load.

Material: metal, poweder-coated

Diameter: 52cm

Weight: 0,7kg

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45,00 €

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